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Anxiety Treatment

Find relief fast, gain peace of mind


Clear the fog, be mentally sharp

Traumatic Brain Injury

Recover, reconnect with yourself

Recovery from Trauma

Heal the past, release blocks

Stress Relief

learn stress-management

Emotional Control

find balance, manage your state

Chronic Pain

reduce the pain without meds

ADHD in Children

gain focus, find calm, learning abilities

Autistic Spectrum

therapy for social learning

Your Best You

Are you a part of the neuroscience revolution? Breakthrough findings in neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change its functioning and physiology, at any age – is impacting the whole field of neuroscience. By training your brain using cutting edge neurofeedback technologies, you, too, can become more tranquil, resilient, adaptable – and perform at your peak.

The LENS Neurofeedback – an advanced form, with extensive history of treatments and clinical studies – is available in Westchester County, NY. LENS can help you release and harmonize negative brainwave patterns, and optimize brain function to achieve peak performance – without drugs, such as Adderall and Ridalin. In this drug-free approach you can achieve mastery of your mind, physiology and emotions the gentle, safe way.

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‘After years of suffering from compulsive eating, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance I began LENS neurofeedback with Anton. My symptoms have nearly vanished after 15 sessions. I feel whole.’
–JC, Port Chester

‘I have suffered anxiety, depression and ruminating thoughts for almost all of my 45 years. LENS gave me the relief that nothing else could without a single, negative side effect.’
— SD, Norwalk

‘After 6 sessions my headaches were almost completely gone (plus) a lessening of all my symptoms.’
–Emily H., Yorktown

‘I have suffered debilitating depression and anxiety all my my career. I tried every treatment imaginable…LENS is the only modality to have meaningful impact.’
–JP, Tuxedo

‘I was feeling very anxious and reactive before I started the LENS therapy…I feel less dramatic, more alert, as if my intelligence was being put to use again.’
–GMC, Yonkers

‘I was suffering from TBI, brain fog, low energy and short term memory impairment. After 15 weeks with the LENS I was back to school ( with) a full-time job.’
–BC, White Plains

‘Anton Bluman and the LENS have benefited me enormously, by helping me reduce and control a growing anxiety that stemmed largely from a significant decline in my short term memory.’
–RJ, White Plains

‘Shortly after I started ( LENS) neurofeedback with Anton my husband noticed a positive change in my temperament, less irritable, more equanimous…beginning to organize, follow through on daily and long-term projects.’
–Susan W., Pleasantville

‘There’s no doubt that the ( LENS) neurofeedback therapy was very helpful. It took away the edginess I felt,in 12 sessions , and helped bring my music to peak performance.’
–RS, Tarrytown


Meet Anton

Anton’s passion and experience is helping people find clinically effective, drug-free alternatives to life’s myriad challenges.

Anton Bluman, MS, AIBT is a certified LENS Neurofeedback practitioner, licensed Counselor and practitioner of Reconnective Healing, in private practice in Tarrytown, NY. Anton provides treatment with the LENS ( Low Energy Neurofeedback System) for neurological conditions in adults and children – including Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain and ADHD. He also offers training in stress-management, peak performance, and for issues of emotional control, cognitive functioning and ‘brain fog’, helping people find relief, clarity and balance in their lives.