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Brain Fog

Do you suffer from ‘brain fog’ or mental ‘fogginess? Are you feeling confused, fatigued, can’t think straight, inattentive, can’t remember what someone just said to you?

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is an advanced form of biofeedback that gently stimulates your brain in a way that relieves you from ‘brain fog’ or mental fogginess—without medications.

How does LENS Neurofeedback provide relief?

When you are feeling mental fogginess, your brain emits electromagnetic impulses of a particular pattern. For fractions of a second, the LENS Neurofeedback system gently mirrors back your impulses – but in such a way, that it corrects the ‘brain fog’ patterns.

‘Brain Fog’, experienced by many, can affect cognitive functioning, cause confusion and ‘cloud’ awareness for some.

LENS Neurofeedback is particularly effective for those suffering brain fog and cognitive impairment, which shows up in many neurological conditions and symptoms, including: Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Stroke and prolonged stress. Confusion may result   from environmental toxic exposure , drug side-affects, such as anti-depressants and reportedly vitamin D deficiencies.

Cognitive dysfunction can affect attention, processing, language, short term memory, learning, executive function and mental clarity. There may be difficulty focusing, planning, making decisions, keeping track of schedules, appointments, following through on tasks.

‘Brain fog ‘ sufferers struggle with processing overload, processing breakdown and learning difficulties, affecting academic test-taking or on-the-job performance. These functional limitations and insufficiencies often lead to depression, low self-image and cognitive decline.

All these neurological conditions and cognitive impairments can be addressed through the LENS Neurofeedback system.

Is the LENS experimental?

Not at all! Over 75,000 people have been treated since Dr Len Ochs invented the Low Energy Neurofeedback  System in 1994. LENS integrates state-of-the-art research in neuropsychophysiology and behavioral biophysics into an empirically drive , individually customized treatment.

Over one hundred research papers on the effectiveness of neurofeedback and LENS have been published. The National Institute of Health sponsored a study of LENS for the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury, and the government of the Netherlands conducted a large double-blind study of successful treatment of adult ADHD with LENS.

The LENS can not only facilitate pharmaceutical treatment, but also be a complimentary and alternative approach for clearing ‘brain fog’. The LENS Neurofeedback, by feeding back corrective information to your brain via extremely small radio frequencies, enables the brain to harmonize brainwave  patterns,  help relieve neurological symptoms and clear ‘Brain Fog’. When self-regulation with the LENS is enabled, mental fogginess can subside naturally.

Focusing, processing, organizing and executive functioning become easier, less effortful. With increased mental fitness and a more optimal level of functioning, return to active, effective living becomes possible.

Anton Bluman is one of the leading experts in Westchester County, NY in applying LENS Neurofeedback to treatment and relief of ‘brain fog’. Licensed in counseling and certified in LENS Neurofeedback and healing therapies, with over eighteen years experience in healthcare, Anton has treated hundreds of people with LENS to help them lead more rewarding, satisfying lives.

Call for your 15 minute free consultation and find out why more and more people are turning to LENS, and to Anton, for their brain fogginess issues.