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HeartMath is a widely used biofeedback technique for learning stress and emotional self-management.

Research shows that heart and brain rhythms are closely related through the nervous and hormonal systems, and that negative emotions, such as anger, disrupts the autonomic nervous system and all body systems. Applying HeartMath training, with rhythmic breathing, visualization and dwelling on positive emotions, can increase coherence and harmonize rhythmic patterns of heart rate variability. This promotes the parasympathetic, or relaxation response, enables shifts in perception, awareness and prompt responses to stressors as they arise.

‘Heart Intelligence’, when engaged this way, can lower blood pressure, improve nervous system and hormonal balance and facilitate brain function. Science of the Heart: explains why the heart affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance and personal effectiveness.

‘ I found the HeartMath to be a productive tool…’
– SRS, 50s, Scarsdale

Book: The Subtle Body: The Heart as an Electromagnetic Organ, Cyndi Dale, Sounds True, 2009; The Secret Teachings of Plants, Stephen Buhner, Rochester, VT, Bear & Co, 2004, 82: ‘Energy – information that vibrates – flows constantly between the heart and the brain, assisting with emotional processing, sensory experience, memory and derivation of meaning from events and reasoning.’ ‘Heart cells are tightly organized, thus generating…signal which is both electrical and magnetic.’