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Reconnective Healing



RECONNECTIVE HEALING utilizes new frequencies in a unique way of self-healing and self-correcting imbalances through interaction with the energy field of the body and the Larger Energy Field. It is intuitive, with palpable energies that allow healing and attunement to a higher frequency.

In Reconnective Healing everyone’s experience is unique; the practitioner places or moves his or her palms above the skin, guided intuitively, with healing energies that address issues or imbalances at any level – physical, mental, emotional, subtle and spiritual.

Research into bioenergetic healing found that the levels of electromagnetic energy in the healer’s hands brings about a change from a state of disequilibrium ( disease) to equilibrium ( health). Doug de Vito, The Science Behind Reconnective Healing, Wisdom NYC / Tri-State Edition, May / June, 2010, page 24.
Great interest has been shown by prominent physicians and medical researchers at universities and hospitals all over the world, including William Tiller, PhD, Richard Gerber, MD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, Doug de Vito, B.S.Ch E, MBA and JJ Hurtak, PhD.

THE RECONNECTION is given one time, completed over 2 sessions with space in between. The Reconnection brings in ‘new’ axiatonal lines, part of a parallel dimensional circulatory system for the renewed functions of the human body. It connects our meridian lines to the Earth’s grid lines, and beyond, allowing healing frequencies to be received as needed ‘via a new spectrum of light and information.’ It is ‘a healing uniquely customized by the intelligence of the Universe’. Eric Pearl, founder. The Science Behind The Reconnection Eric Pearl.

( Reconnective Healing) ‘I saw images, felt energy like a magnet pulling…on a mountain,with wind rushing through my ears, then soft ripples of water over sand…my crown opened up with heat coming out, radiating…like I had peripheral vision again.’
– Daisy C., 40s, Yonkers

( Reconnective Healing) ‘Since the session you gave me my GERD ( acid reflux disease based on a hiatal hernia) has ceased…I have been symptom free.I was told there was no cure…thank you…impressively powerful process.’
– Paul M, 60s, Ossining

( The Reconnection) ‘…feeling of an opening, a fullness of potential space…feel very light, almost weightless. A subtle warmth, a violet light over me, feel very peaceful, calm.’
– Maria P, 40s, Cortlandt Manor