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Sharon Relieved of Anxiety & Depression

Sharon, a 45 year old woman from Norwalk, CT, came recommended to try the LENS as an alternative approach. She had tried many traditional medical treatments with unbearable side effects from drugs prescribed. Sharon’s host of complaints included longstanding anxiety, depression, with feelings of hopelessness, chronic neck and shoulder pain, a history of car accidents and lack of quality sleep, which made heavy work demands more difficult. She also spoke of difficulty with interpersonal relations, extreme social anxiety meeting new people and isolation. Her emotional fragility seemed to derive, in part, from a former abusive boss and from a violent and unstable childhood, without support.

After a series of brainmapping, progressing from minimum to a more standard LENS protocol, we renamed her ’emotional fragility’ ’emotional reactivity’ to reflect a growing resilience in her nervous system and in dealing with stress. After 19 sessions her anxiety, depression and emotional reactivity were reduced by 50%, and concentration and memory by over 30%. Sharon reported becoming able to deal with work and social situations more easily. Her self-esteem seemed to improve and her mindset to make a shift to the ‘half-full glass.’

‘ I’ve suffered depression, anxiety and ruminating thoughts for almost all of my 45 years. I pursued LENS as a last resort. LENS is the only protocol to help relieve my symptoms, and now, for the first time, depression and anxiety are not ruling my life. LENS gave me the relief that nothing else could without a single negative side effect.’

– SD , Norwalk