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Jen’s new-found self-confidence, brighter future

Jen, from Port Chester, New York, was suffering for years from anxiety, depression, compulsive eating and sleep disturbance. She expressed her self- reproach over binge-eating, concern with poor sleeping and social anxiety, particularly in gatherings of unfamiliar people with whom she might need to interact. Overall, she was dissatisfied with daily living. Then, after trying various treatments, she found out about LENS Neurofeedback.

Within a few weeks with LENS Neurofeedback Jen noticed she was feeling progressively less anxious meeting new people, her sleeping was improved, her impulse to overeat was more under control, and she was enjoying an improved sense of self-esteem. After 15 sessions Jen reported that her symptoms had nearly vanished and she felt more optimistic, both about her self-assurance and, as a young lady in her 20s,increased optimism going forward in her life and pursuing her personal and professional goals.

‘I feel whole and better in my own skin. I truly believe the LENS and Anton have greatly improved my life and look forward to a happier and brighter future’.

– Jen, Port Chester