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Emily’s fast relief, enhanced relationships

Emily came to LENS Neurofeedback therapy after being hospitalized for severe migraine complications. She also wanted to address other issues, including anxiety, anger, impatience, plus a lack of focus and organizational difficulties. Emily , a woman in her 40s from Yorktown, complained that these issues were also inhibiting her creative work process.

After only 6 sessions with LENS Neurofeedback Emily reported a great improvement with all her symptoms , including almost total relief from her headaches. She expressed a feeling of peace and balance – one day she brought in some exquisite paintings she had made, exuding serenity and creative flow. She also spoke of better relations at home and at work.

‘After 6 sessions (with the LENS) my headaches were almost entirely relieved along with a lessening of all my symptoms, all of which gave me a greater feeling of well-being, enhanced my relationship with myself, my family and my work. It was an excellent experience.’

Emily H., Yorktown, NY