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Gabriella’s regained calm and clarity

Before starting with LENS Neurofeedback, Gabriella, a woman in her 30s from Yonkers, spoke of her emotional volatility, mood swings, self-doubt, with a lack of confidence in her cognitive abilities, which were impacting her career prospects. She described episodes of panic attacks, disorganized thinking and behavioral issues at home.

On application of LENS Neurofeedback plus some counseling and Reconnective Healing, Gabriella expressed her new-found ability with handling stress, feeling more grounded, more in control of her emotional state and less dissipation of her energy. She also reported increased mental clarity, self-assurance and readiness for academic study, vocational training and pursuing a job search.

‘ I was feeling very anxious and reactive before I started the LENS treatment. I’m happy, my mood is more stable. I feel less dramatic, more alert, as if my intelligence was being put to use again.’

– GMC, Yonkers, NY