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JP’s Anxiety Relief

JP started LENS Neurofeedback treatment, having heard of its effectiveness, and after doing his own research. He said he’d tried many traditional and alternative treatments but that none of them had worked. Having reported suffering chronic anxiety and depression his entire life he was entering into the LENS Neurofeedback program ‘with his eyes open’.

JP’s LENS Neurofeedback treatment program involved generating multiple brainmaps, using various LENS Neurofeedback protocols, with fine-tuning to address precisely his longstanding and persistent conditions. LENS Neurofeedback treatment yielded a 30% reduction in anxiety and edginess within 6-7 weeks, and further gains, with self-regulation, in anxiety, mood and energy.

‘ I have suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression all my life. I tried every treatment imaginable, western and eastern … all to no avail. LENS is the only modality to have a meaningful impact , especially with the anxiety. LENS affects the inner sources of these ( and other) conditions, rather than just veiling their symptoms.’

– JP, Tuxedo, NY