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Brian’s TBI recovery to full-time schedule

Brian, at his initial session, described his suffering from residual effects of a mild traumatic brain injury, which included daily brain fog, sluggishness, low energy levels and short term memory impairments. He also reported having gone through 4 years of consulting multiple physicians and enduring countless numbers of ineffectual treatment modalities.

Brian, a young man in his 20s from White Plains, was conscientious in coming in for his 2 sessions of LENS Neurofeedback per week, determined to give his new therapy a real chance to work. Within 5 weeks of starting he noticed his energy levels rising and the brain fog diminishing.

‘ Within 15 weeks, I was literally back on my feet with a full schedule on my hands, which included going back to school while holding a full-time job. There is no doubt in my mind that the LENS therapy worked.’

– BC, White Plains, NY