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Bob’s control over his anxious feelings

Bob acknowledged coming to LENS Neurofeedback knowing little about it and with some degree of skepticism. Bob, a man in his late 60s from White Plains, expressed a growing concern over a perceived decline in his short term memory functioning, and of becoming more easily distracted. He spoke also of difficulty dealing with the negative emotions associated with this perceived decline.

During the course of LENS Neurofeedback treatment program, including brainmapping with counseling on coping strategies and techniques of cultivating awareness, Bob reported having a breakthrough: by practicing self-observation when he remembered, he was gaining awareness of his reactions, thereby diminishing their emotional charge. By becoming more aware of his feelings in general, Bob was able to better control and cope with his feelings about his cognitive status as they arose, and in doing so, addressing his memory issues in the process.

‘ Anton Bluman and the LENS have benefited me enormously by helping me reduce and control growing anxiety that stemmed largely from a significant decline in my short term memory. By enabling me to gain control over my anxious feelings about those very real issues, Anton’s treatment showed me that the underlying memory problem itself could be substantially mitigated.’

– RJ, White Plains, NY